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Some information about emerald :

Colour: Petal green


The colour of emerald is mainly due to traces of chromium replacing aluminium ions in the hexagonal beryl crystal.


Emeralds from various mines have different kinds of inclusions. These inclusions can be seen by naked eye or else under magnification. If no inclusions are seen even under magnification then the chances are that the gem under examination is either a piece of glass or a fake gem.The inclusions in emeralds include flakes of mica, inclusions like fibre, milky white spots, straw and bamboos and small cubes of rock salt are also seen sometimes. Black spots are also seen in emeralds.Emeralds were formed when lava coming out from the volcanoes got solidified on the surface of the earth. At this stage its fast solidification led to certain flaws in its crystal formation and certain foreign elements also got into it.The synthetic emeralds contain 'nail' like inclusions, 'brush-marks' or chains of bubbles.