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Some information about PEARL :


Shiny white


This is normally shiny white in colour. Pearl is the most famed gemstone. Known for its beauty which does not need a lapidary to enhance it. These has been worn by the kings, queens and the rich people through all times till date. Pearl is a pathological formation in pearl oyster. It is formed when a foreign particle enters the gap between the body and the shell of a pearl oyster. The irritation caused by the foreign particle makes the oyster take out a secretion from its body to cover the particle. When the secretion dries up, it again creates irritation to the animal, so it again covers it with its secretion this process continues for 3 to 6 years and a pearl is produced.


Natural pearls have a surface appearance - which is lustrous and looks precious. When viewed under magnification it contains discontinuous wavy lines. If dropped on a hard surface they bounce in a uniform manner.These are some of the indications which helps one to identify a pearl. But it is quite a difficult task and lot of training and experience goes into it. As duplication of this gem has been done in a manner which is many times quite difficult to detect.