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Some information about RUBY :




The name ruby comes from latin 'rubrum', which means 'red'.Ruby , which is corundum, is simply crystallized alumina (al2o3) and in pure form it is devoid of colour. The rich colour in ruby is mainly due to small amounts of chronic oxide, which is able to replace part of alumina without disturbing the trigonal crystal structure.


Natural rubies are never 'clean' i.e., without inclusions. It contains inclusions which look like 'silk'. It encloses small crystals of other minerals in the form of pale angular grains, cavities of irregular shapes, patches of fine needle like criss-crossing canals which give a silky effect by reflected light. If these inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, then eye glass should be used, to detect them. If under the high magnification no such inclusions are visible then the gem you are checking is most probably a piece of glass.A synthetic ruby will not contain any inclusions. It will have bubble like inclusions or cracks, as seen in a glass, will be visible. The cracks will give a milky hue and will be of an even nature.